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When it comes to your businesses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you want to make sure you are doing valuable and beneficial work that is going to get you a high rank. Hiring an SEO expert or agency is crucial but which one is best?

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages in both and ultimately it will come down to the size and type of business that you are operating. Both options will provide your businesses with an SEO expert, however the differentiating point is whether they are brought in house (SEO expert) or not (agency).

Here are a few pros and cons of each choice to aid in your decision.

SEO expert


  • They will provide a specialized service to give your business the search marketing guidance that is required to ensure optimal performance.
  • An SEO expert will provide personalized attention for your business meaning that they are solely focused on the performance of your business. This ensures optimal results and constant updates to keep the campaign and content relevant.
  • They will understand the inner workings of the business meaning that there is less need to explain what needs to be done allowing other employees to focus on their own projects.
  • The development of a relationship means that discussions are more easily held and there is a deeper understanding of the campaigns that are being run. Additionally, having them there 24/7 means that any changes that need to be made can be done so immediately.


  • Because they are now an in-house operator, there may be a limitation on the creativity and idea diversity that is brought in with your SEO.
  • An SEO expert is likely to be more expensive and means that the business must provide another desk and take care of an extra employee.
  • Having only one SEO expert in the team may reduce the number of things that can be completed to the highest standard or at least delay this in the early stages.

SEO agency


  • Because they have specialized teams for each element of the operation, you can be sure that everything will be done well and fast. It allows for each part of the SEO operation to be completed to the highest quality.
  • This is likely to be cheaper than the SEO expert as it is a less personalized service however you also have more people working on your campaign at once.
  • An SEO agency will have far more resources available to them than an SEO expert. This is because they have large teams working across a number of different areas to best service their clients.
  • Because they are external to your business there is a good chance that they will be able to come up with creative and abstract ideas for your business. This can be beneficial in marketing to attract the attention of an alternative audience.


  • Each campaign must be communicated to the agency so that they understand what your business wants. This can be time consuming and at times difficult to explain to people who may have limited knowledge of your industry.
  • In many cases they are not as flexible as an SEO expert meaning that you must stick to their structures. This can sometimes be limited for your business operations.
  • They may sometimes provide large reports that fail to adequately detail the elements of the campaign that you care about or fail to provide deep insights.
  • There is less likely to be a meaningful relationship developed as there is not day to day interaction with an agency. This can be damaging when things do not go as planned or you believe that changes need to be made immediately.