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No business today can survive without undertaking some SEO strategies or the other when looking to compete online. Local SEO is just as important for businesses looking to get people to walk through their doors. There’s no point of having a great website if people don’t know who you are and aren’t going to find it when they look for businesses in the area. Sadly, you don’t seem to have enough online reviews, which is why your local SEO isn’t as robust as it should be.

Why Do You Need More Good Business Reviews?

So why are reviews important to you? If you ever look for businesses related to a particular industry, then reviews have a big impact on your perception of businesses.

  • In simple words, more good reviews mean that a business is doing well and will make you feel better about choosing them for your needs.
  • On the other hand, bad reviews can turn people off before they even become customers.

Google bots also examine these reviews and assign SEO ratings accordingly. People today research businesses and industries before they walk through the doors so you absolutely need good business reviews. Here are some ways to help you get more business reviews to improve your overall SEO efforts:

Ask For An Immediate Review

If you don’t ask, you won’t get. And more often than not, people only tend to write a review if they have something negative to share. Why should you ask for an immediate review?

  • Request your customers to echo their experience with your products and services while it is still fresh with them
  • Avoid asking after a few days because it is easy for people to forget their experiences as they move on
  • Take the time to seek feedback from customers immediately so you can improve the overall customer experience – people will appreciate your efforts and will be more likely to post favourably for your business

If you fail to ask for an immediate review, chances are you won’t get one at all. If you want an improved ranking on a search engine, be sure to ask for reviews from customers.

Follow Up With Customers And Provide A Link To The Review Page

As much as you hope that people will make the effort to leave reviews on their own, they often need a bit of coaxing because they are just so busy with their daily lives. Consider the following:

  • Share an email as a follow up and provide links to different review pages that you want
  • Let customers know how valuable reviews and their opinions are to you
  • Provide clear instructions because not everyone will know exactly what they need to do
  • Thank customers for positing reviews through incentives and discounts for future purchases

Reviews make a huge impact on your local SEO efforts, so make sure you follow up diligently to ensure you get customers to post about your business as much as possible. Customers are more likely to post a review if they have a physical reminder.

Interact Verbally With Your Customers

People are more likely to post reviews if they are verbally encouraged to do so as well, especially if they have a good experience with your staff or yourself. A kind word, helpful advice and even seeking feedback can make a huge impact on the way customers perceive your business. Consider the following:

  • Take the time to ask a customer what he or she is looking for and if you can assist
  • Find out what the customer thinks of your products and services and whether there is room for improvement
  • Share inputs about what could work well for customers so they appreciate your promptness

Verbal interactions still have a lot of value and could end up getting you those online reviews you’re looking for. It also helps you get to know your customers better, which could turn them into loyal followers of your business too.

Keep in mind that bad reviews could harm you so you need to make sure you find ways to reduce the possibility of something negative by fixing issues before they become worse. Let customers know that you’re always open to feedback to improve your offerings, so they know who to come to if they are unhappy with something. And if possible, fix whatever issues you can on the spot so customers don’t have time to let negativity fester. Local reviews are vital for your business to survive so make sure you get it right by getting positive reviews for better SEO.