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Search Engine Optimisation has become extremely popular within the last decade and it is now almost an essential part of any business. But how do you find a good SEO company when you know that there are so many out there offering a similar service?

There are a few basic signs that indicate whether a firm is a good SEO company or not. However, some of the differences can be subtle and it can be easy to fall into the trap of the marketing ploys that a bad SEO company executes.

Here are some things to note when deciding on an SEO company for you.

  • Clients

A good SEO company is going to have clients with websites that get your attention whilst providing the basic navigation and information services that you need. They won’t have spammy links everywhere and all of the information and links will be helpful and relevant.

  • Rankings

Bad firms are very rankings driven and will constantly talk about how they are going to get your business a good ranking and the amazing work they have supposedly done for others. This is a massive red flag.

A good SEO company will talk about revenue in reference to the work they do and how your business goals will align with the campaign. Page rank is an important part of the optimisation process but it is more often than not a by-product of conducting the right practices that get quality traffic to your site who get conversions.

  • Metrics

This carries on from the rankings but it is very important. A good SEO company will talk about valid metrics that are good indicators of your sites performance and its actual improvements rather than relating everything to competitors like page rank.

Metrics such as domain authority are a great way to track all of your optimisation efforts as it gives an overall rating to your websites domain. There is also page authority which is the same thing but for a specific page. A good SEO company will talk about these valid metrics.

  • Link building

It is common for a bad SEO company to say that they will get you hundreds and thousands of links so that you get a great page rank and attract a lot of traffic. This does not work and can lead to penalties.

A good SEO company will ensure that they build strong, quality links that are actually beneficial to customers. They will ensure that the traffic to and from your site is of a high quality as well.

  • The details

A bad firm is highly likely to insist on all of the information discussed above but when it comes to the technical aspect of it all, they don’t have a lot to say. That is because they are not focused on the on-site and deeper layers of your businesses search engine optimisation.

A firm with a good reputation will be able to walk you through everything that they will be doing and explain how each element of the campaign is beneficial. They are more likely to build a strong base that will stand the test of time and work your website up the ranks.

It is so important that your business does adequate research prior to deciding on an SEO company that is right for them. It can be a big waste of money if you choose the wrong one and potentially have long-term effects on the website. Finding a firm that is going to do it correctly from the word go is going to be worth any initial extra costs.