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For those who are just beginning in SEO it can be quite daunting. There are so many different areas to SEO that you don’t really know where to start. A vital component for SEO and a great place to start from is your keyword research.

Keywords are an essential component of your SEO and a lot of other aspects are based off what you decide your keywords to be. An important point to raise now is that your keyword research will be ongoing. It isn’t a set and forget kind of thing.

This is because as a business and website you are always evolving (and so is SEO). Therefore you need to always be looking for new opportunities to expand your keyword list in the future. But that is for you to think about later. When you are first developing your keyword list it is a good idea to use a few tools to help.

A quick search on Google will show that there are so many different keyword research tools, and not all of them are created equal! So take a look below at some of the best and most used tools that will help you to create the perfect list to start with for your SEO:

1. Google Keyword Planner

You simply cannot go past Google’s very own keyword tool! Even though it is primarily designed for advertising (i.e. Google AdWords), it still is a very effective tool for you to use and you can still use it for organic keywords.

There are many great features on this tool that are available for you, for example:

  • See traffic and search volumes for any potential keyword
  • Look for new keywords or even ad group ideas

The great thing about ad group ideas is that they show related keywords you might not have thought about before or keywords that are shown in general keyword lists.

You should also pay attention to the monthly searches as well as the level of competition. Usually the more monthly searches a query has, the high the level of competition. Everyone wants to rank highly for a word that lots of people are searching for.

Another great feature of the Keyword Planner is its suggestions for long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are becoming more and more popular and are therefore something you certainly look into.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush all the bells and whistles and also is so easy to use for beginners. The amount of features on offer is actually quite impressive. To use all the features of SEMrush, it will cost you money, but it is certainly worth it.

There aren’t just keyword research features as well; it is a whole SEO tool that can assist in a number of different areas. SEMrush is a great tool to see the type of keywords and strategy your competitors are using. You should look to take the best components of each of your competitor’s strategy.

SEMrush also offers great suggestions of other keywords that could also be helpful for you to think about using as well. They can also assist you in finding appropriate long tail keywords, which we all know are becoming increasingly important.

3. Moz’s Keyword Explorer

Moz’s tool is great as it adds another layer to your keyword research. This tool also shows the opportunity that a new keyword can have (in relation to the click through rate) as well as the importance of the keyword to your campaign and the keyword potential to assist in prioritising your keywords.

One of the particularly great features of this tool is that it works well with the other keyword tools. So if you have already put together a list with another tool it can easily translate into Moz. If you are looking for a deeper understanding of your keywords, this is the tool for you.

4. KWFinder

KWFinder is great for those looking for assistance with long tail keywords. The website is easy to navigate and showcases results in graphics that aid your learning. You can click on individual keywords to get a more detailed understanding as well.

A great feature here is the difficulty score. This will show you how difficult it will be to rank highly for a certain keyword. There are also some extra features that show things like what domains are currently targeting the keyword you are looking at.

As well as this, you can keep an eye on competitors by utilising other features like the page’s backlinks, traffic and social shares. KWFinder is great for local keyword research as well! You can set refinements on your search to look for keywords by city, state or even country.

All four of these tools are so easy to use and will make your life as a beginner in SEO so much easier! So if you are just starting out in SEO, make sure you give these awesome tools a try.