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Who am I?

My name is Lucas Bikowski and I am an entrepreneur: a marketing strategist and a big fan of fast start-up, growth businesses. I help small businesses to large corporations (such as Adidas, Samsung and Google) grow through digital marketing and conversion optimization.


My history – in short

Lucas BikowskiI was born in 1980. From early on, I had a ton of creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, which I have used in my adult life.

At the age of 18, I graduated from college with an economics major. Shortly after graduating,  I studied  IT and economics all the way up to a Masters degree. Following this, I undertook studies in marketing.  In 2014, I achieved a PhD in Economics, with a focus on marketing.

Since 2001, I have participated in many, international business conferences to keep up to date on emerging trends in internet marketing, including in areas such as SEO, social media, paid ads, email marketing and growth strategies for businesses.


Why my main focus is on SEO and online marketing?

I have run numerous online businesses since 2000 but became increasingly disappointed in the results achieved, and engagement provided, by digital marketing agencies.

Like many website owners, I wanted my businesses to be successful and to be found on the internet. However, I never met a digital media agency that could fulfily my reasonable, realistic expectations to be found online and increase my revenue.

After changing over 10 agencies, I decided to take all marketing activities in hand. I learned how search engines and social media work, how people behave online, and how to utilize technology effectively in a constantly-changing, technological environment. Through a lot of hard work, I finally achieved my goals and have significantly increased my revenues in my online businesses. .

Now, I use my expertise to help small and large business clients with their online marketing right across the globe.